Powell speech expo - 4 - February 2003
Finale - The expedition consist of four parts: the mystery factory revisited, the silo revisited, the unexpected tunnel and the siberian finale.
At 4:00 AM we still had to wait for an oncoming train. Here we waited for the other explorers.
I imagined that these were mysterious trucks carrying unspecified cargo into a miltary site in Siberia. It was cold. It reminded me of the opening scene in Tarkovski's "Stalker" - a magnificient film.
Traffic cones in "nightview". They reflected the infrared light of my car's warm rear lights.
An english locomotive in the switchyard. The trains go to the Ruhrgebiet from here. A rail connection between two excellent exploration sites.
Finally the others returned. They had been in another tunnel. Imagine - two tunnels in one expedition. Below you see how this place looks like in daylight. This is the "Aluchemie" factory. I've never been in there, they make electrodes for aluminum smelters.
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P. Kazil 2003