The water rocket - April 2003
Andy, Kaspar and some friends launched an air-pressure powered rocket in their back garden. I came to visit with the video camera. A launch is too fast to follow with the naked eye. But by going through the tape frame-by-frame I got some spectacular pictures. It's almost like the space shuttle.
Andy (in the foreground) is the local "master of weird constructions". Although he is 30 years younger I have a great respect for his talents.

I have no talent for manual work. I can only work with paper and computers.

Look at those wonderful bicycles he has made for himself. We're planning to try them on some downhill slopes, together with our longboard.

The water rocket is a simple device. Half fill the bottle with water - pump until you see blue in the face - and then - "poof" !

The rocket soars above the roofs and lands in a totally unpredictable place - on someone's head or someone's car. Fortunately the projectile is light and harmless.

Notice the extremely lucky insect on this sunny (but cold) spring day. Or is it a UFO?

Nice water traces. Just like the space shuttle. You don't see these details with the naked eye. But the camera catches it anyway. It's unpredictable when the projectile takes off. Quite often the bottle lands in the tree and has to be rescued afterwards.

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