Walter climbs a monumental crane
In 2000 we were invited for the NCRV programme "Man bijt hond". A few weeks before we scouted possible locations for the TV recordings. This location was finally selected. I climbed the ladder on top of the crane, while at the same time Walter climbed the overhanging underside of the crane. During the climb Walter carried a helmet with a small camera.

This crane is publicly accessible. It just says "Ascend at your own risk". I asked - and got - permission of the owner to climb it and make the TV recordings.

With the climbers from Utrecht we decided that this was an ideal spot. Photogenic with it's combination of old machinery, cobblestones and modern architecture.

During the recordings Walter and I climbed this ladder. Then we hung from the top and we rappeled in tandem. The rappel ended above the water, 2 meters from the quay and Jan van der Meulen had to haul us in onto dry land.

TELEVISIE - NED.1 - 18.58-19.29 uur MAN BIJT HOND
Met vandaag de volgende onderwerpen:
* Urban adventuring, waaghalzen beklimmen gebouwen in de stad
* Een goed gesprek met honden in training;
* Je ziet ze steeds meer,die jaren vijftig-brillen ofwel de nerdbrillen;
* Wat leest het kattenvrouwtje?


The fish-eye lens camera is attached to the red helmet. The portable video-recorder is in a backpack and it's secured with a lot of duck-tape. Walter Stipdonk starts his ascent while Jan van der Meulen is securing him. In the meantime I'm ascending the ladder the normal way.

For me it was easy. But for Walter it was a strenuous climb. And the quickdraws didn't fit around the rungs of the ladder. So it was extra difficult to secure yourself. And if you dropped a quickdraw it would fall into the water.

This video was not used in the programme, because it was over-exposed. The primitive video-recorder didn't have automatic lighting correction and you had to set a fixed level beforehand. So we got the tape for our own enjoyment.

Finally Walter's climb ended at the height of the fourth / fifth floor. All the time I was hanging from the top of the crane loking down on the roofs of the buildings. Some neighbors went out on their balconies to watch our progress. And we had to hang for many more long minutes while the camera team moved to another spot to get a better view on our descent. It was pretty unnerving.

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2002 Petr Kazil, 7/9/2002