65 tags and stickers from Germany
August 2002 - Collected during my summer holidays. Good / bad / nice / ugly / innovative / conservative ... everything. I'm not a graffiti practitioner, so my opinions may differ from the mainstream.
Oldenburg, a mid-sized town in Norther Germany. I photographed all the graffiti that I met.

This is a real random sample. Everything is included. I made no selection. What you see is what you get.

Nice handwriting. Here too.
Anarchists on the wall of the police station. Hit and run ? High up - I'm jealous - how did they get there ?
A closed underpass, richly decorated.
A very nice one, at the back of a house. A bit too rough for my taste.
Nice frogman sticker . Metro ?
Teddy bear in chalk - fading.
The painters foundation.
A very nice poster near the swimming pool .
The other side of the underpass
Maschen, a big train-yard and small train station south of Hamburg. I rather liked this tag with it's humanoid shape. Some quick and dirty tags. But notice the stark sticker in the top right corner. Here it is again on the railing.
The following tag is less innovative. Just like these ones under the railway. Nice calligraphy here.

A Hamburg insider writes me - This one was done by Deosa NMK, he did a lot of Hardcore Streetactions.

Cant'you read stupid! It says "for green glass only" ... ... that does not include tags :-) The ones in the bus stops have survived 4 years ...
... good paint, not bad But in the distance I could see this one on the train-viaduct. I like the humour. I caught this Australian-aboriginal piece from the Hamburg S-bahn.

A Hamburg insider writes me - OZ did this too

And on all the roofs ! These guys get everywhere .

The smiley author is said to have made 120.000 tags in Hamburg. He's 50 years old and sits in jail for 2 years because of his tags.

These smileys were everywhere near the railway and metro lines ... ... a simple but effective graphic design ...
... I like that. And their author didn't hesitate to climb on a ballustrade above the railway. A Hamburg insider writes me: - These ones are by OZ, the most famous Tagger in Hamburg, and he's about 50 years old, he's crazy (he did the smiley too, and a lot of other names) High on a house near the main station. Nice work. How do they get up there?

A Hamburg insider writes me: - This one was done by Wort (Hamburg) and Dair (Poland)

A lot of the stickers had different purposes (like package adressing) but had been re-appropriated for tagging. I found this quite interesting. Official stickers with illegal graffiti ...
On the train from Hamburg to Maschen. It was late and the light is bad, I know.

A Hamburg insider writes me: - BK done by Mozes, one of the best Crews, cuz they do a lot of trains!

And some nice and historic graffiti I saw on the "Externsteine". I like the lettering, neat and legible. More than 100 years old .
These ones were taken from the car while driving home.
Somewhere between Hamburg and Dortmundt. It is difficult to get them sharp and clear when you're driving 140 km/h.
Goodbye and greetings to all those writers who will probably never see this website!

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2002 Petr Kazil - 13 August 2002