Search for buildering locations - 2000
In 2000 we were invited for the NCRV programme "Man bijt hond". A few weeks before we scouted possible locations for the TV recordings. I was with a group of climbers / artists from Utrecht. But in the end they didn't want to go on TV and the recordings were done with Jan van der Meulen instead.

I've been looking at this artwork for a very long time. You can't miss it, it's located next to one of the busiest roundabouts in the city centre. Skaters use the stairs as a practice spot.

The artwork is a full-size reconstruction of the last city-gate of Rotterdam. The original was destroyed during the German bombardment in WWII. It is made of steel beams, pipes, plates and ornaments. To emphasize the reconstruction it is painted a bright technical orange.

It should be easy to climb because there are a lot of ladder-like structures along the vertical beams and a lot of complex ornaments at the top. The only complication are the police headquarters at the other side of the road. As yet this route is unclimbed.

This is the parking garage of the Bijenkorf department store. It's 7-8 floors high and it is covered with vertical concrete panelling. Because it's at the back of the building in an ugly unfrequented alley it might be easily climbable.

The vertical panels pose no problem. The move from one floor to the other might be a bit tricky.

The best solution would be to use a top-rope. There are enough places where you can attach a sturdy top anchor. As yet this route is unclimbed.

This wall posed a lot of problems as you can see. We looked at it from all sides but didn't crack it. The pattern of holes (it reminds me of an IBM-punched computer card) suggests that it should be very easy to climb.

But the holes are very shallow and they don't support your fingers and toes very well. A frontal attack may still be possible with the use of skyhooks.

Another route seems to lead along the corner of the wall. We made it to the spectacular height of 100 centimeters. Then the toes slipped and we left an impressive amount of rubber on the artwork.

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2002 Petr Kazil, 7/9/2002