Rotterdam parking garages
I still haven't visited all the above-ground Rotterdam parking garages. No one bothers to look at them but they're really nice to see. And you can get an original view of the city. Often you're completely alone on their roofs. An unexpected island of privacy in the urban chaos.

Roof of the garage of the Bijenkorf store.

Looking down onto the Lijnbaan.

Looking towards the Central Station.

Classic Dutch cloudscape - Remember the paintings by Ruijsdael?

Looking down into a temporary void. Now there's a new building in this spot.

Roof of the parking garage a Westblaak.

Looking towards the Erasmus bridge. Playing around with the picture editor ...

Parking garage above the C&A. Nice concrete architecture.

Parking garage next to the V&D. City hall tower.

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2002 Petr Kazil, 7/9/2002