Heath Bunting buildering in Rotterdam
I was invited for this buildering project but I couldn't make it. The pictures are spectacular and the sites are new and innovative. This remix is based on Heath Buntings website, see:

A very good demonstration that everything is climbable. This is Osipe Zadkine's sculpture behind the Maritime Museum (Westblaak). I know this place very well, but I never thought about climbing the sculpture. Bronze is smooth and slippery. Notice that Heath climbs it unsecured. (Petr)

Last night we were climbing public sculpture. Some people would find that funny, other people might find it annoying and try to stop us. We could easily contact the local media and say we are climbing the favorite sculptures here, but that's not the point for us. If that happens, fine, but it's primarily for ourselves and maybe an inspiration to other people if they see it. (Heath)

If you look at my work on the website, unless you are involved in a similar group, you wouldn't really understand it. You would need me to come along and tell the story. For instance, we could show a sculpture or the bridge, maybe with one of us on top, but it would really require some of us to come along and say how we did it, what happened and what the picture of the policeman meant.

Hanging under the Erasmus bridge. Later Heath and Hogge also walked one of the girders, several meters above the walkway and above the water. Again I repeat that this is not free of danger. I wouldn't dare to do it without some kind of protection.

It's urban exploration, we're looking at ways of moving around the city, with the emphasis on climbing or engaging with public art; structures, sculptures and buildings. Here in Rotterdam we are looking for those things and we try to get to top of them. One of the things was the Erasmus bridge, we've worked out a way of getting from one way to the other by not walking on the top but going across the underneath of it. It's quite scary in places. (Hogge - Graham Hogg)

We have an idea that we want to do in Bristol, some kind of urban olympics. The activities there should not just be climbing, but also walking and balancing on rails, jumps, jumping from A to B. We can invite different urban people from around the world to come and take over the street furniture, walls and other things of the city for a while. See also: Parkour and Freestyle Walking

Barcelona is more photogenic than Rotterdam, better weather. I was unsure whether to document things. I enjoy having pictures of things that have happened in the past, but then somehow they're a bit of a weight around your neck ...

I'm jealous of this bridge-railing walk. Although I can walk the slackrope and ride the unicycle I can't keep good balance on a fixed object. I would certainly fall off.

The advice of circus-trainers is that in the beginning you shouldn't walk any objects that are higher than the height of your genitals - for obvious reasons ...

The perfect project for me is walking down the street, looking at something, having an idea and having it finished by the evening. Like the X project, it's just a graffiti project. I would graffiti a URL, and if people were interested and saw it and noted it down and visited that site, it would ask them where they saw it, who they thought did it and why and it would keep a log of that information. So it's a log of my travels and of what people think of graffiti. I think that's my favorite project, it's very, very simple but it's going five years now.
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2002 Heath Bunting, Graham Hogg, Petr Kazil, 7/9/2002