Roterdam graffiti - Summer 2003
Some more Rotterdam graffiti that I encountered during my expeditions. I always appreciate a good piece. But even the most humble tags are worth my attention. - I have respect for all graf artists - even for those who still have to learn the trade. - And sometimes even legal signs have that "graf" feeling.
A well placed piece. Quicky P 2002 Along the rail tracks - a well know "wall of fame". ROS
On a pillar of the rail bridge over the Rotte. ZERO ? A callibration point of the geographic service.
Under the tram bridge. ACABS crossed by PMO 1SM - no I had it wrong - it's 12M - see the nice e-mail below:


hello website admin :)
I was looking at this page "" and among other names there's one listed - 1SM, I'm sorry to inform you that the graffiti piece says 12M not 1SM. 12M is short for 12 monkeys, he took it from that film with bruce willis, I know the dude. Nice site further, I'm happy to have witnessed this scene back in 2003 and so are you probably :).
peace out. Blone.
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