Dutch - German border - Summer 2002
Some impressions of the border between Germany and the Netherlands. This is the Dutch N37 and the German E233 between Klazienaveen and Meppen.
Looking East towards The Netherlands.

It looks as if this never was a busy border crossing. There is just a parking lot left on the German side. I couldn't identify any official customs buildings or tollgates. Were they ever here ?

The EU-borders were abolished in 1993.

Looking West towards Germany. A German marker says that the border is 15,6 km from where ?

The border, looking North. On the left is Holland (East). On the right of the bushes is Germany (West). The border is indicated by a shallow ditch and a shallow mound, overgrown with brambles and bushes.

The official border marker is extremely well hidden. It took me a lot of bramble scrapes to get close to it so I could read the number.

160 XI - Hooray! I still don't know if there is any system in the numbering. I have to do some historical research. It should be interesting.

A very photogenic Dutch pumping installation. It reminds me of Robert Smithson's eassay "A tour to the monuments of the Passaic." It said: "Quicksand, danger of drowning."

A German pumping installation. Of course it is provided with a lot of warning signs and typically German legislature.

Explosion! No smoking, no fire! Gründlich!

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