Dutch / German border rain - Summer 2002
The border between Germany and the Netherlands. This is the Dutch N366 and the German B408 between Ter Apel, Rütenbrock, Erika and Haren.
You are entering the Netherlands ...

This was an active and frequented border crossing. But it rained so hard; it was impossible to open a door or window without soaking the car. I really tried but had to give up. It would have been impossible to take any pictures without drowning the camera. So here are just a few windscreen pictures:

The canal along the road. It's the German Haren-Rütenbrocker Kanal. Another look at the canal. I think this is the fence of the Chinese restaurant.
The old German border station. The road into Germany. (Ter Apeler Strasse)

Ter Apeler Strasse / Holland Strasse

The crossing of the border into Germany. The square blue sign says Deutsche Bundesrepublik.

I was terribly disappointed that I couldn't go hunting for border markers. My wife offered to ride back and forth along the border several times so I could film all the surroundings.

I hoped to take pictures on our way back, but then we were in a hurry to do our shopping before the supermarkets closed. We had no time left.

The lesson is that you have to exploit every chance to explore immediately. There may be no second chance.

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