Prague Stickers - May 2003
During my holiday I noticed several stickers in Prague. I start with the more common ones and finish with the best ones - courageous and original.
Prague is full of graffiti and tags. Unfortunately most of these are just the ordinary tags without much merit. They don't look calligraphic nor Zen-like.
There's more fun in the stickers that you find throughout the city. I especially likes the spray painted Mickey Mouse.
I like the recycled "poison" sticker.
The famous "Obey giant" sticker.
The bull's eye sticker is the signature of "Erosie" from Rotterdam.

The "Toasters" from England are famous too.

The prize for "courage" goes to "POZOR TEAM" (The Look-Out! Team) who braved the camera's, crossed the metro rail and stood on the third rail to attach their sticker opposite the platform. - Or did they simply open a metro window while it stood in the station?
An even bigger prize for courage goes to the anonymous artist who braved trains, heights and live wires to paint this statement on the bridge over the Vltava river.

The prize for originality goes to this artist whose sign I saw throughout the whole city. Simple, effective and very recognizable!

And a final word of praise for the author of this simple statement with classic means:

Life is too short to be irritated.

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