Indoor expedition - July 2004
During my holiday I tried to take a fresh look at my own appartment. It's a modern, relatively well cleaned and well maintained appartment - but still, with the right way of looking - it can become a new place.
After struggling through the dense undergrowth and between the huge trees we finally saw the building in the distance. It was much bigger than we expected from the description at and the loaction databases at
It was high and enticing but there was no directly visible entrance. We hadn't brought our climbing gear, so we would have to find another entrance.
At the back of the building we saw this weird calm pond. We stayed away from it's dark, maybe poisonous waters.
After crossing the extensive concrete loading bay we found what we hoped for: a drain! After some effort we opened the grating and entered the extensive steam tunnels.
The tunnels were filled with decaying steam pipes and flaking asbesos insulation. In places we had to crawl between weird machinery and unknown objects.
The place was not entirely uninhabited. But the occupants were either indifferent to our presence, or they we just as scared of us as we were of them.
After leaving the tunnel system through a narrow corridor we were inside. Here the signs of decay were all around us. Loose wiring, fallen plaster - and in places the whole structure had collapsed.
Through several menacing stairways we made it to the roof. But first we had to cross a narrow walkway. The roof itself was treacherous and filled with holes.
But it gave a great view of the whole terrain and the beautiful shadows of the sunset.
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Petr Kazil

May 2004